About The Chamber


Proactive.  Vibrant.  Diverse.

Throsby Basin Business Chamber is a not-for-profit organisation and was started in 2014 by a group of business people keen to work with other local businesses to assist  them grow and thrive in the area.  Our footprint covers the 5 key geographic suburbs cradled by the busy Port of Newcastle and include Carrington, Wickham, Islington, Maryville and Tighes Hill – these suburbs are represented by the five coloured circles in our logo with the Throsby Creek coursing through the middle.

The area is a diverse, proactive and vibrant microcosm of community and business intertwining in everyday life.  The area is rich in local history dating back to the early 1800’s with the oldest public school in the city.  The proximity to Newcastle CBD, local Newcastle Council relocation to Newcastle West, recent residential growth, the Wickham Interchange and Honeysuckle redevelopment are enablers of increased economic growth for the region.

The business environment is an exciting one as small business operators, hospitality venues, infrastructure services all mingle with large scale industry.  This diversity of business presents an enormous opportunity for businesses to network and learn from each other.  This is at the heart of the Chamber’s charter. We warmly welcome members who are both inside and outside of the region with the aim of actively networking and knowledge sharing to the advantage of all.

The Chamber’s board consists of Directors operating on a volunteer capacity and have years of experience and business ideas to ride the wave of transformation currently occurring within the area itself.   You can read about the current Board Directors by clicking here. 

Our Aims

  1. To encourage and foster business growth and development in the area.
  2. Be a business support organisation that represents, informs and connects the Throsby Basin business community.
  3. TBBC is a proactive not for profit organisation that will represent business interests within the Throsby Basin Area and in doing so also provide support to local community organisations.
  4. Attract new business and support the diversity of business in the local area.