• As a chamber we will actively pursue government  funded grants used to revitalise the Throsby area
  • To build a viable and constructive member base

Long Term 

  • Beatification of main shopping precincts, ie: shopfronts and signage
  • Manned police stations throughout day hours, to be seen as a presence and to be available for general enquiries
  • Ensure the Throsby area has un-bias access to the NBN feed
  • Better public lighting at the Throsby boat ramp and community walkways
  • A ferry terminal to access the Throsby area
  • Attracting medical and pharmaceutical  professions to the local precincts
  • Beatify all areas of all precincts within our boundaries
  • Lobby for the provision of facilities to accommodate  the needs of youths - Supporting them to engage and interact socially reducing boredom and other temptations
  • Create a local identity signifying local precincts

Throsby Basin Business Chamber